This registration is ONLY for players coming from outside of mainland China. Players from Hong Kong and Taiwan can register here. (We will have a separate web site in Chinese soon for players who live in mainland China. If you live in mainland China, please wait until that site is available.) 

We will have a special hotel rate reservation page starting in March. We expect the rate to be about 14,000 JPY (800 CNY) per room per night (a room with two beds) including breakfast for two.

To register as a Contestant for the World Yo-Yo Contest 2018, please submit the Application Form below and pay the applicable Contestant Registration Fee and Division Fee(s).
Available payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal

Contestant Registration Fee

A Contestant Registration Fee is required of all contestants. It includes admission to the entire event (all days). You do NOT need to buy a general admission ticket for yourself.

The price will increase as the event gets closer.

  • Until February 28 – JPY 5500 (Approx. USD $50)
  • Until March 31 – JPY 7500 (Approx. USD $68)
  • Until April 30 – JPY 9500 (Approx. USD $86)
  • Until May 31 – JPY 11500 (Approx. USD $105)
  • Until June 30 – JPY 13500 (Approx. USD $123)
  • Until July 31 – JPY 15500 (Approx. USD $141)
  • At the event – JPY 19500 (Approx. USD $177) (You will need to compete starting from the WildCard round, regardless of seed status)

Note: You must submit your Contestant Registration Application AND complete your fee payment in order to qualify for the dated pricing listed above.


Division Fees

Yo-Yo Championship Divisions

JPY 5500 (Approx. USD $50) for each division

  • 1A
  • 2A
  • 3A
  • 4A
  • 5A
  • AP

For the AP Division, if you are competing as a team, only the Representative Member needs to pay the Division Fee. All AP Contestants (including team members) must register and pay the Contestant Registration Fee before AP video deadline. Otherwise, the submitted tryout video will not be sent to judges for evaluation.

Yo-Yo Non-Championship Events, SpinTop

JPY 3500 (Approx. USD $32) for each division

In the case that you need to add a Division at a later time, after you have already registered:

Please submit the same application form a second time, only selecting the new Division(s) you need to add. If you have already paid your Contestant Registration Fee, this time only pay the fee(s) for the added Division(s).



After you submit the application form, our Auto-Reply will send a link to direct you to the payment screen. Please check your e-mail. Payment must be made in order to complete your registration submission.

If you are using a Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. e-mail account, it is possible that our auto reply e-mail may get caught by the junk/spam filter. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail after submitting this form, please be sure to check for it in your account’s junk/spam folder.

    Participating Divisions (Required)

    1A2A3A4A5AAP (Representative)AP (Non-Representative)WOMENOVER-40SPINTOP

    Name in English/Alphabet(Required)

    (ex. Shinya/Kido, Robert/Smith, Man-Fai/Chan, Si-Yee/Pong)

    Name in your Native Language
    (If your name is not in Alphabet Letters)

    (ex. 文輝/陳, 慎也/城戸, 민우/이, Gentry/Stein)

    Country you are representing (Please choose one) (Required)

    Age (Required)

    (Age on the day of the contest's final round)
    *We may list this on the results.

    Gender (Required)


    Occupation (Required)

    (Occupation on the day of the contest's final round)

    Seed Status
    (If you have a seed, please input it here)

    (ex. 1A-Final, 2A-Semi, 3A-Prelim)

    VISA assistance needed? (Required)

    E-mail (Required)

    *Your confirmation e-mail will be sent to this address

    Zipcode/Postal Code (Required)

    (ex. 482-0045)

    Country you live in now (Required)

    Shipping address (Required)

    (ex. 320 Broadway St, Chico, California)

    Phone Number (Required)

    (ex. 530-555-5555)

    The contest MCs may read the answers to the following questions to introduce you to the audience. We also may use them on the web site to introduce you.
    We will omit any inappropriate content and/or non Contest Sponsor commercial names.

    Your Yo-Yo Career (In Years)

    Contest Title(s)

    (If you have too many, please list 3-5 big/recent ones)

    Sponsor Name (if you have one)

    (Please use "," to list more than one)

    Name of Team to which you belong (Non-sponsor team)

    (Please use "," to list more than one)

    Name of Yo-Yo Club(s) You Attend

    (ex. Chico Yo-Yo Club)

    How did you start playing yo-yo?

    Comment to the Audience


    1. I agree to behave in a courteous, sportsmanlike manner. I agree to follow the rules, regulations, and directions of the contest organizer International Yo-Yo Federation (IYYF), its staff and the contest venue's director. If I fail to adhere to the agreed regulations, I agree to punishment at the contest organizer's discretion.

    2. By attending the contest, I agree to and permit the usage of my name, sound, image, etc. by the contest organizer for broadcast, televisation, publication, etc. Further, I agree to and permit third party usage of my image, etc. for the purpose of promotion of this event and of yo-yoing itself.

    3. Due to the nature of competitive sports, I understand and acknowledge that there is a possibility and risk of death, injury or permanent damage to myself and others. I acknowledge that this unforeseeable potential danger exists. I hereby forfeit my right to sue or claim any physical, mental, or financial distress and/or damage to the contest organizers, sponsors, venue staff, IYYF staff, and volunteer staff. I also confirm that this agreement extends to my successor(s), legal representation, or any other person or organization representing myself.

    4. If through my own error I damage the contest venue premises, equipment, etc. I agree to reimburse the venue's director for the damage incurred.

    5. In the case that the contest is postponed or canceled for any reason, I agree that my registration, travel, lodging fees, etc. will not be reimbursed.

    I agree to the Code of Conduct and that all of the above information is correct.