Hyatt Regency Shanghai Wujiaochang

This five-star property in Wujiaochang has 306 rooms and suites, an indoor swimming pool, 24-hour fitness center, and a range of dining options, mainly The Lounge and Market Café.


Group Rate:

We will have a special rate for WYYC contestants and spectators.

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The southern part of Yangpu, Wujiaochang District is one of Shanghai’s top ten commercial centers. Wujiaochang business zone has become one of the most popular areas across the city in the past two years.

Wujiaochang has a storied history. The name means “The Hub of 5 Avenues,” since there are five important roads, Siping Road, Huangxing Road, Xiangyin Road,  SonghuRoad, and Handan Road, which converge on the center of the Wujiaochang area. Aside from being a busy business zone, the Wujiaochang area is also the home to some of the country’s best educational institutes.

Hotel Rooms:

All rooms and suites are equipped with high-speed Internet access, a 48-inch television, and docking station.  In addition, all rooms have a large work desk and floor-to-ceiling windows that capture stunning views of the city.


Located on Level 6, Market Café serves an extensive buffet selection during breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus an all-day a la carte menu of Asian, European-American and local Chinese cuisines. In the open kitchen, fresh seasonal ingredients are transformed into gourmet food right before your eyes.



Located on the 8th floor, the indoor heated swimming pool and the 24-hour fitness center allow guests to maintain a healthy lifestyle and relax from the busy city life.


Main Event Hall:

The main hall of WYYC2018 is 800 square meters with a height of 7.7 meters. One side of the hall is made of glass to provide natural light.


Practice Area:

A practice area of 450 square meters, 3.5 meters high, is just outside of the main hall, lighted anytime for practice.

A separate practice area of 230 square meters with a height of 3.5 meters, is located outside the main hall with lights and live stream equipment. Players can practice and watch the competition at the same time.

Please note: the separate practice area has a limited occupancy to ensure quality practice for players. More details about this will follow.


WildCard will be held in 2 separate salons on the 6th floor of the hotel, with an area of 50-70 square meters, a height of 3.5 meters, and ordinary lighting.

An open garden on the 7th floor just outside the main hall, as well as an atrium garden on the 6th floor, could provide a place to relax and rest.




(Last update: 2018.2.1)