Registered Contestants

Total 179 on the list

This list ONLY contains players who registered from Worldwide side.

We already have more than 250 registration on Chinese side.

(As of may 2, 2018 1am JST)

If the division or payment status is not correct, please contact us from HERE.

1 Abood Dani (Syrian Arab Republic) 1A PAID
2 Aik Hwee Lim (Singapore) 4A PAID
3 Aik Seng Lau (Malaysia) AP (Non-Rep) PAID
4 Akira Kato (Japan) 2A PAID
5 Aruha Hasuike (Japan) 1A PAID
6 Azim Jameel (Brunei Darussalam) 5A PAID
7 Boyang Zhao (China) 1A
8 Byeong Jun Jeon (Korea, Republic Of) 5A PAID
9 Charlie Windstorm (United States) OVER-40
10 Cheng Hsun Chung (Taiwan) 1A PAID
11 Chi Wing Cheung (Hong Kong) 1A PAID
12 Christian Lee (United States) 1A PAID
13 Chu-Ming Mack (Hong Kong) 1A PAID
14 Chun Hin Chan (Hong Kong) 4A PAID
15 Chun Wai Wong (Hong Kong) OVER-40 PAID
16 Chun Yu Kuo (Taiwan) 5A PAID
17 Clint Armstrong (United States) 1A PAID
18 Colin Beckford (United States) 1A3A PAID
19 Daiki Tanaka (Japan) 1A PAID
20 Daniel Borges (Australia) 1A
21 Daniel Tamariz (Spain) AP (Rep) PAID
22 Danny Ho Wang Kwong (Hong Kong) 1A4A PAID
23 Dong Hun Lee (Korea, Republic Of) 2A PAID
24 Edward Bala (Philippines) 1A
25 Elijah Tan (United States) 3A PAID
26 Evan Nagao (United States) 1A PAID
27 Frank Lombardo (United States) 1A PAID
28 Fredierick Gappe (Philippines) 1A PAID
29 Gentry Stein (United States) 1A
30 George Sun (Hong Kong) 1A
31 Guang-Xian Zhang (China) 1A PAID
32 Guk Yoon Seong (Korea, Republic Of) 1A
33 Hajime Miura (Japan) 3A4A PAID
34 Hajime Sakauchi (Japan) 2A PAID
35 Hans Yim (Hong Kong) 2A PAID
36 Harold Chan (Hong Kong) 1A PAID
37 Hassan Marialis (Malaysia) 1AAP (Rep)
38 Heo Hong (Korea, Republic Of) 1A
39 Hideo Ishida (Japan) 5A PAID
40 Hiraku Fujii (Japan) 2A PAID
41 Hiroki Ishikawa (Japan) 1A PAID
42 Hirotaka Akiba (Japan) 1A PAID
43 Hiroyasu Ishihara (Japan) AP (Non-Rep) PAID
44 Ho Kwan Li (Hong Kong) 1A PAID
45 Hong Xin Cham (Malaysia) 1A4AAP (Non-Rep) PAID
46 Hsing Yu Lin (Taiwan) 2AAP (Rep) PAID
47 Hyung Jun Jeong (Korea, Republic Of) 2A PAID
48 Igor Galiev (Russian Federation) 1A PAID
49 Issei Suzuki (Japan) 1A PAID
50 Ivan Jarpa (Panama) 1A
51 Izuru Hasumi (Japan) 1A PAID
52 Jakub Dekan (Czech Republic) 1A PAID
53 Janos Karancz (Hungary) 1A PAID
54 Jason Kao (Taiwan) 3A PAID
55 Jefta Diyarto Setiawan (Indonesia) 1A
56 Jeremy Soo (Singapore) 1A PAID
57 Jia Wei Low (Malaysia) AP (Non-Rep) PAID
58 Jia Xin Lee (Malaysia) AP (Rep) PAID
59 Jian Ang Yong (Brunei Darussalam) 4A PAID
60 Jiann Yow Toh (Malaysia) AP (Non-Rep) PAID
61 Jin-Yu Lu (Taiwan) 1A PAID
62 John Yutong Zhang (Australia) 1A4A PAID
63 Jongki Yoon (Korea, Republic Of) 2A PAID
64 Jorge Alcoz (Uruguay) SPINTOP PAID
65 Jun Sheng Ho (Malaysia) AP (Non-Rep) PAID
66 Jun Shimamura (Japan) SPINTOP PAID
67 Kaho Fong (Hong Kong) 4A
68 Kanta Tani (Japan) SPINTOP PAID
69 Kazuya Murata (Japan) 1A PAID
70 Keiran Cooper (United States) 1A
71 Keita Kido (Japan) 4A PAID
72 Kento Noda (Japan) 1A PAID
73 Kin Kan Lee (Hong Kong) 3A PAID
74 Ko Kwan-Ho (Hong Kong) 5A PAID
75 Ko Nakayama (Japan) SPINTOP PAID
76 Koji Torita (Japan) OVER-40 PAID
77 Lior Cheled (Israel) 1A PAID
78 Loong Jie Lau (Malaysia) 3AAP (Non-Rep) PAID
79 Lorenzo Sabatini (Italy) 4A PAID
80 Macky Profeta (Philippines) 4A
81 Makio Nakagawa (Japan) 1A PAID
82 Man Fai Chan (Hong Kong) 1A2A PAID
83 Man Kin Wong (Hong Kong) OVER-40 PAID
84 Marco Palma (Mexico) SPINTOP PAID
85 Marcus Koh (Singapore) 1A PAID
86 Maxx Shearod (United States) 1A PAID
87 Min Seo Lee (Korea, Republic Of) WOMEN PAID
88 Min Seob Han (Korea, Republic Of) 5A PAID
89 Min Soo Kim (Korea, Republic Of) 5A PAID
90 Minato Furuta (Japan) 3A PAID
91 Mir Kim (Korea, Republic Of) 1A PAID
92 Miri Kim (Korea, Republic Of) WOMEN PAID
93 Mizuki Takimoto (Japan) 3A
94 Mohammad Khairsyah Haji Othman (Brunei Darussalam) 4A PAID
95 Naoya Takeuchi (Japan) 5A PAID
96 Nate Bedford (United States) 5A PAID
97 Neil Cleofe (Philippines) 4A Reg OK, 4A Yet
98 Nguyen Hoang Tri Hai (Viet Nam) 1A4A PAID
99 Nicholas De Valpine (United States) 1A PAID
100 Pak-Wai Leung (Hong Kong) 1A5A PAID
101 Paul Becker (Germany) 1AAP (Rep)
102 Po Han Kuo (Taiwan) 4A PAID
103 Quentin Godet (France) 4A PAID
104 Rei Iwakura (Japan) 4A PAID
105 Reia Torita (Japan) WOMEN PAID
106 Richard Alexander Moreno Arevalo (Colombia) 1AOVER-40
107 Roh Tae Uk (Korea, Republic Of) 2A
108 Ryan Jian Liang Lim (Malaysia) 1A
109 Ryosuke Ito (Japan) 3A PAID
110 Ryota Ogi (Japan) 1A PAID
111 Ryuichi Nakamura (Japan) 1A PAID
112 Seoun Gwon Lee (Korea, Republic Of) 4A PAID
113 Sheng-Wen Cheng (Taiwan) 4A PAID
114 Shigehiro Yamada (Japan) 5A
115 Shinya Kido (Japan) 1A PAID
116 Shion Araya (Japan) 1A PAID
117 Shotaro Matsuda (Japan) 3A PAID
118 Shu Takada (Japan) 2A PAID
119 Shuyun Tang (China) 1A
120 Sin Yu Wee (Malaysia) AP (Non-Rep) PAID
121 Sit Chun Tse (Hong Kong) 1A 1A OK, Reg Yet
122 Siu Ho Yiu (Hong Kong) 2A PAID
123 Sora Ishikawa (Japan) 5A PAID
124 Taiichiro Higashi (Japan) 3A PAID
125 Takahiko Hasegawa (Japan) OVER-40SPINTOP PAID
126 Takahiro Ishihama (Japan) 2A PAID
127 Takao Morioka (Japan) 3A PAID
128 Takumi Hakamata (Japan) 4A
129 Takumi Nagase (Japan) 2A PAID
130 Takurou Ebine (Japan) 5A PAID
131 Tal Mordoch (Israel) 1A PAID
132 Tatiana Ganikhina (Russian Federation) WOMEN
133 Tatsunari Kado (Japan) 1A PAID
134 Teng Ee Wee (Singapore) 4A PAID
135 Terrance Wang (Canada) 1A4A PAID
136 Tessa Piccillo (United States) WOMEN PAID
137 Thawhir Iqbal (Singapore) 1A3A PAID
138 Tomiyuki Watanabe (Japan) AP (Rep) PAID
139 Tomohiko Zanka (Japan) 4A PAID
140 Tomoya Isoshima (Japan) OVER-40 PAID
141 Tomoya Kurita (Japan) 3A PAID
142 Toru Miyazaki (Japan) 1A PAID
143 Toya Kobayashi (Japan) 1A PAID
144 Tsubasa Onishi (Japan) 4AAP (Rep) PAID
145 Veronika Kamenska (Czech Republic) 5AWOMEN PAID
146 Victor Gravitsky (Russian Federation) 1A PAID
147 Wai Kit Wong (Hong Kong) 1A PAID
148 Wai Sheuk Wong (Hong Kong) 1A PAID
149 Wang Kit Ng (Hong Kong) 3A PAID
150 Wayne Xiu (Australia) 1A5A PAID
151 Weipin Hsiao (Taiwan) 1A4A
152 Wong Chun Tak (Hong Kong) 1A PAID
153 Wonjun Yoo (Korea, Republic Of) 2A PAID
154 Woochan Park (Korea, Republic Of) 1A4A PAID
155 Xavier Ng (Singapore) 1A
156 Xiao-Wen Wang (Taiwan) 1AWOMEN PAID
157 Ximena Rivero/Caloca (Mexico) 1A
158 Ya-Heng Tai (Taiwan) 5A PAID
159 Yamato Yamashita (Japan) 1A PAID
160 Yan Ting Lee (Taiwan) 5A PAID
161 Yeonkyung Kim (Korea, Republic Of) 5A PAID
162 Yie Jian (Julian) Chee (Malaysia) 1A PAID
163 Yixing Tan (Germany) 1A PAID
164 Yong Leong Loo (Malaysia) 1AAP (Non-Rep) PAID
165 Yongchan Jeong (Korea, Republic Of) 1A4A PAID
166 Yoshihiro Abe (Japan) 5A PAID
167 Yoshimi Koga (Japan) 4A PAID
168 You Kang Lim (Malaysia) AP (Non-Rep) PAID
169 Yu-Chiun Hou (Taiwan) 2A PAID
170 Yuiga Suzuki (Japan) 1A PAID
171 Yuki Fujisawa (Japan) 3A PAID
172 Yuki Nishisako (Japan) 1A4A PAID
173 Yuki Takami (Japan) 2A PAID
174 Yuki Uchida (Japan) 4A PAID
175 Yung Chih Kuo (Taiwan) PAID (Reg Only)
176 Yuto Yamaguchi (Japan) 3A PAID
177 Yvonne Ng (Brunei Darussalam) WOMEN PAID
178 Zhehua Zhu (China) 1A PAID
179 Zi Hao Chew (Malaysia) 1AAP (Non-Rep) PAID